A royalty is the money left over for the author after a book is sold and any retailer and production costs have been subtracted from the retail price.

Harrison Mason Press pays the author a royalty for each copy sold, minus print costs, distribution fees and returns. The royalty rate for HMP authors is 90% of net receipts. Net receipts are defined as the total amount of money Harrison Mason Press receives for sales, minus print and shipping costs and any applicable sales commissions and distribution fees. Authors do not receive royalties on copies they purchase.

Royalties are paid out every month. Harrison Mason Press reserves the right to hold such royalties until a minimum $25 royalty payment has been reached. If a royalty advance has been paid, additional royalties will not be distributed until the author’s royalty account has achieved a positive balance.

Harrison Mason Press reserves the right to deduct unpaid renewal fees or any other unpaid past due balance from author’s royalty account.

Royalties are not paid to authors until a W-9 or W-8BEN is submitted to Harrison Mason Press. Author agrees to ensure the following information is up-to-date and current: Change of Name, Mailing Address, W-9 / W-8BEN.

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